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Today’s Most Exciting Modern Circus!



Wholesome family fun – Dusty’s Circus features a variety of world-renowned artists. Dusty’s Circus promises fun for the entire family, featuring an international all-star cast of circus artists.

We are proud to be returning to your city with our acclaimed show! Dusty’s All-Star Circus is coming to a city near you! Featuring all the classics and charm of a real American family circus!

Dusty’s Circus brings together the marketing and producing power of world-renowned showman Phillip Dusty Sadler and Marketing agencies Sarasota Box Office and ShowCore Australia to bring this new show to your community, putting their decades of experience into this all-new Circus Production.

The Circus is complete with all the tasty treats at our concession stand, including all the traditional favorites!

This show aims to be a modern adaption of the classic American Circus in an intimate atmosphere. You and your children will experience the Circus up close and personal! We promise wholesome entertainment that will be enjoyed by all ages – fun for the entire family.

Dusty Sadler

Owner & Visionary

With over 30 years professional touring experience up his sleeve, Dusty is excited to present his newest creation. He has curated a world renown cast to share their talents with your community.


Leigh Ketchum

Executive Producer

With years of experience in the industry, Leigh has a high level of expertise in selling and ticketing circus around the globe. A talented circus music composer himself, Leigh is great to consult on all things circus & performing arts. Leigh owns our sister company Sarasota Box Office which co-produces Dusty’s Circus alongside numerous other traveling shows worldwide.

Family Pack


Family Pack super saver deal! Purchase 2 adults + 4 kids’ tickets for only $49.99*. That’s less than $8 per person! The Family Pack is sold ONLINE ONLY and is not sold at the show’s Box Office on show day.

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