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Every day since I could remember, I dreamed of the circus. A magical place where I get to bring joy and wonder to many. And one day, maybe a child will tell of the time they were involved in a show that I was a part of; this idea makes every performance I do so worthwhile. I am the second generation in my family to continue the great work of live entertainment.

Alberto Alegria


Juggling superstar, a master of hand-eye coordination.

Yandong Acrobatic Troupe


Yandong Wu is a third generation of a family with acrobatic traditions. Yandong’s grandfather was trained to be an acrobatic performer by the royal court artists of the Chinese Imperial Family and is one of the founders of the famous Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. The Yandong Acrobatic Troupe has been seen all over the world and in the United States with the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus, Circus Hollywood, Jordan World Circus, Kelly Miller Circus, Royal Hanneford Circus, Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey, to name a few. For Dusty’s All-Star Circus, they will be presenting unicycle, unsupported ladder balancing, and barrel contortion acts.

Joshua Matthew Bunch

Debuting as the ringmaster/announcer for this year’s performance. He spent many years performing all over the United States with Universoul Circus, Disney on Ice and others. Dusty’s All-Star Circus is proud to have this high-energy and animated Host for our 2024 tour.